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  The only means of advertisement dissemination in the Moscow metro rolling-stock today is adhesive application work. Stickers inside carriages provide one of the most efficient types of metro advertisement. One of the main advantages of this placement type is the long contact of a consumer with advertisement messages. During a trip taken by the metro train the passenger can not just remember the graphic representation but also grasp the most of the text printed on the sticker. Thus using stickers in metro carriages the advertiser gets a unique opportunity to tell about a promoted product or service with details.

This type of metro advertisement is printed on vinyl or polythene film and the printing quality is very high. This is why stickers may compete with famous editions and can distract any book-lover from reading his favorite book.

A high repeatability of stickers in the train increases the perception of advertisement. Advertisement spaces are sold in packages that specify the amount of carriages on the metro line where advertisement will be placed. Usually the duration of such advertisement campaigns is from one to three months.

The placement of the customers advertisement is done within 5-7 working days with a registration of carriages numbers and posting spots. When the placement is finished this information is given to the advertiser. However the preparation of an advertisement campaign usually takes 4-5 calendar weeks. At the same time the customer needs to coordinate the stickers camera-ready copy with the legal department of OOO Olimp for the purpose of checking the advertisement information compliance with the Russian Law On Advertisement. The customer also needs to take care about the stock of stickers for maintenance purposes. Practical experience shows that for replacement of damaged and lost advertisement media in case of 3-month placement it is necessary to produce at least a triple edition of stickers of the total amount of rented advertisement spaces.
Technical requirements to the finished advertisement materials.
Price List


Stickers accommodated in the espacements between doors and windows, and on the ends of the first and the last carriages, is an ideal type to organize all types of advertisement campaigns. The customer may advertise itself on stickers with a 30x40 cm advertisement field, or may choose 60x40 cm stickers.

Advertisement spots for this type of stickers are divided in two price categories according to their location:

  • the first level includes advertisement campaigns located in the upper part of the espacement on the right and on the left from the door and on the ends of the first and last train carriages. With such accommodation stickers are visible even in case of maximum carriage fill-up during peak hours.
  • the second level includes stickers are placed in the espacement directly above passenger seats. The drawback of such location: the view is blocked during peak hours. However the charge for advertisement spots in this case in 30 50% lower than the charge for the first-level stickers.


Advertisement spaces situated on the slanting part of the ceiling in close proximity to the handrail are 30x40 cm and 60x40 cm in size. Stickers are visible at any time.

The price of this placement will be a nice surprise for the advertiser.


Panels are situated above door and window openings where 48x12 cm stickers are placed. Such proportions of the advertisement field are convenient for placement text or graphic information. It will undoubtedly be called for since the location of stickers makes them noticeable even during the rush hours of the Moscow metro.

The optimum balance between advertisement expenses and its efficiency makes panel stickers especially attractive for small and medium businesses.


35x15 cm stickers are pasted on the glass of the carriage sliding doors. This solution permits to apply information on both sides of the sticker. During their trip the passengers will undoubtedly pay attention to the stickers since they are situated at an optimal height and one may comfortably study them at any time.

The other side of the sticker can be well seen from the station platform. However, due to a very limited time of advertisement image exposition the advertiser usually places its image information here.


Any large-scale project in the metro can be implemented through placement of information on your companys activity on the schemes of the Moscow metro. This type of placement provides a 100% passenger coverage since the metro line schemes are situated in all metro carriages. Such high repeatability of an advertisement message increases its effect on the potential consumers of your products and services manifold.

There are three types of blocks that may contain advertisement messages on the Metro line schemes:

  • 330x160 mm horizontal block. The advertisement field is situated in the upper part of the scheme and is appropriate for placement of key information about the company, its products and services. The advertisement message will be perfectly visible from a considerable distance independent of whether the carriage is full or not.
  • 660x160 mm double horizontal block can be used to place some large volume information.
  • vertical block: 280x293 mm. In this case information is situated from one side of the scheme and is visible to a great number of passengers. The advertisement field size permits to place a significant volume of text and graphic information concerning the features and consumers properties of the products and services.

Advertisement on the schemes of the Moscow metro has a number of peculiarities. One advertisement spaces package presupposes pasting one scheme with the customers advertisement blocks in every carriage on all Moscow metro lines. Each Moscow metro carriage is equipped with three line schemes.

The duration of an advertisement campaign in this case is at least three months. Time of pasting of finished schemes with advertisement blocks corresponds to the time of the scheduled replacement of metro line schemes.

When placing advertisement messages on the Metro line schemes the advertiser does not bear any expenses associated with the production of the advertisement medium since they are already included into the rent price.
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Advertising on metro schemes at Rusich carriages is an absolutely new promising advertising carrier since the maps in Rusich trains are placed on carriage windows, not in the espacements between windows and doors.
Location of the new carrier is its main advantage: carriage windows are constantly located within the passengers eyeshot and obstacles for advertising perception are lacking even during rush hours. The novelty, location convenience and perception of the commercial module as an independent sticker will also grow due to the map itself which is a popular information source for Metro users. Besides, advertising on the metro schemes will be the first one positioned on Butovskaya line that will attract additional passengers attention to it.
Each Rusich train will have 6 schemes which is twice as much as the old-design carriages have.
At the moment special prices are available for this advertising type!
The commercial module is located near the map and is an independent advertising sticker allowing to replace it independently of the route map.
The commercial module dimensions are 1945 cm this format is universal and can contain both, image advertising and text messages.
Stickers with the metro map are made using the method of offset printing on transparent film. The module containing commercial messages is printed independently from the map on a non-transparent film and may have either a single- or a double-faced image.
This type of advertising will be interesting to representatives of small, medium and big business.

Technical requirements to the finished advertisement materials.
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