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Company Profile

LLC Olimp is one of the most dynamically developing company in the Russian advertisement market. From the moment of its foundation in 2002 the largest operator of visual communications in the Moscow metro continuously perfects and improves the quality of services it offers. Today the company customers may use for their promotion thousands and thousands of advertisement spots of various types and formats covering the whole area of the Moscow metro.

The visual communications market in the Moscow metro has opened up marketing studies of the underground advertisement efficiency and its volume are regularly conducted. Today any customer who places his advertisement in the metro may quickly receive exact data on his advertisement campaign progress.

Highly qualified Olimp managers with an experience of many years will do their utmost to make sure that the customers advertisement in the metro is noticeable and efficient. As to the pricing policy Olimp practices a differentiated approach: there is a flexible discount system. For example, in order to support the development of small business, its representatives have a 15% discount on the existing tariffs for advertisement placement.

Olimp not only offers all types of underground visual advertisement but also updates and develops new communication tools. In close cooperation with the Moscow Metro state unitary enterprise the Olimp company creates and implements up-to-date advertisement carriers and annually invests significant resources for that purpose. According to the Program for advertisement media development in the Moscow metro the operator will spend several dozens of million dollars for those purposes before 2011.

The Olimp company is one of the 50 largest Russian advertisement agencies. The companys regular customers include some leading Russian advertisement associations and subdivisions of the largest international advertisement holding companies. In the Moscow metro Olimp regularly distributes the advertisement of the most well-known market brands and that is daily viewed by 4.5 to 9 million passengers who use this popular city transport.

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