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Soviet photo reporters' art has already been appraised in the Moscow metro.
Having finished with the positioning of photographic works on all advertising carriers reserved for the project, and that is four thousand advertising surfaces, “Olimp” experts decided to go on in the same direction and, taking into account the massive interest in the exhibition, and starting from September 2022 the company will also position the posters of “Soviet Photographic Art of the 60’s and 70’s” on digital video screens consisting the Information-and-Advertising Network (IAN) mounted on emergency call columns in the center of metro platforms. Now works will become even more noticeable and will attract passengers’ attention.

Attention clients and partners! You are invited to a conference!
On September 7 Oleg Glazunov from «Olimp» will deliver a speech within the framework of conference “ALL COLORS OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE”. Speech topic is «DIGITAL SCREENS IN THE METRO _ ONE OF THE MOST PROMISING AND EFFICIENT ADVERTISING CARRIERS”.
Please, be invited to come to the conference and listen to Mr.Glazunov’s speech!
Conference date: 6-7 September 2010
«Olimp» representative speech delivery date: 7 September, at 11-20
Conference location: Moscow, Amber Plaza Exhibition Center, Krasnoproletarskaya Street, building 36.
Admission is free of charge subject to prior registration on the conference website: https://registration.avclub.ru/cds_2010.html.
Please, find more details about the even (agenda, speakers, participants) by this link: https://www.avclub.ru/forum_23_info_rus.html.
We will be happy to see you!

First commercial advertising appeared on “Rusich” car windows.
Starting from 1 September 2022 commercial advertising will be placed on the windows of “Rusich” train cars. McDonald’s network of fast-food restaurants is the first advertiser who decided to use the new carrier in its advertising campaign. It is worth mentioning that McDonald’s is often one of the first companies on the list of brands positioning their advertisement on carriers that are absolutely new for the metro and remaining committed to such choice – later they usually include new advertising sites to their campaigns on a regular basis, and such decision proves the efficiency of both, such an innovation as well as advertising spaces offered by “Olimp”.
The new carrier advertising field is located near the metro scheme, which was initially positioned on the windows of all “Rusich” metro trains on an experimental basis, and is now positioned there on a permanent basis. Advantages of such advertising include not only its location, but also the fact that it positioned next to a source of information which is very important for metro passengers, the metro route schemes. Moreover, as far as the price-quality ratio is concerned prices on this advertising type are quite affordable.
Please, click here to learn more about advertising on train car windows and prices.
Please, always feel free to contact “Olimp” managers for any additional information.

«Soviet Photographic Art of the 60’s and 70’s» in the Moscow Metro.
A joint non-commercial project of “Olimp” company and Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography starts in mid-August 2022. Famous pictures taken by Soviet photographers from top information agencies (APN, Information Telegraph Agency of Russia, RIA Novosti) about the life in 60’s-70’s of the last century will enrich the metro premises for three months.
Many metro passengers remember the 60’s and 70’s very well; for senior citizens it means nostalgia, for the younger generation they provide an opportunity to get into the spirit of that unique epoch, to feel its atmosphere. All pictures taking part in the project are saturated with earnestness, humor and romanticism. Passengers will encounter the photo masterpieces inside station halls, on roller light boards; moreover, the pictures will be placed on escalator boards and inside train cars where any passenger will be able to scrutinize them in every detail. Due to the “floating” placement mode posters in the metro will migrate from one station to another one, and practically any metro user will be able to see the whole collection of works selected for this project.

Albert Teplitsky, deputy CEO of «Olimp» for commercial activity, has taken part in the “Sphere of Interest” program on the RBC TV Channel (broadcasted on 4 August 2010), where he shared his opinion about the Russian advertising market, its development trends and about the nearest future. You can watch the program by clicking here (duration 20 minutes).
Besides, Albert Teplitsky had given an interview before that to the Stolitsa Channel focusing on social advertising in the Moscow metro. The final weekly program of the Stolitsa Channel called “Na Etoy Nedele” (This Week) (broadcasted on 31 July 2010) is available here (duration 11 minutes).

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