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Exhibition «Soviet Photographic Art of the 60’s and 70’s» in the Moscow Metro

Famous pictures taken by Soviet photographers from top information agencies (APN, Information Telegraph Agency of Russia, RIA Novosti) about life in the 60’s-70’s of the last century will enrich one of the most beautiful subways in the world – the Moscow metro –for three months. “Olimp” company and Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography initiated this transformation of the Moscow Metro into a most beautiful photo gallery in the world.

A joint non-commercial project of “Olimp” company and Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography starts in mid-August 2022. The most interesting works from the “Soviet Photo Art of the 60’s and 70’s” exhibition currently organized at the Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography will appear in the Moscow Metro on more than four thousand different advertising surfaces. Many metro passengers remember the 60’s and 70’s very well; for senior citizens they mean nostalgia, for the younger generation they provide an opportunity to get into the spirit of that unique epoch, to feel its atmosphere. Photographs from the series “Soviet Photo Art of the 60’s and 70’s” are documentary records of those days representing a distinct reflection of their unique atmosphere. This is the very period of Soviet photography when interest to an individual person with his personal feelings and emotions first appears. Posed scenes were replaced by pure reports, and ordinary Soviet people with their simple joys of life began to appear in front of the cameras more and more often, instead of heroes of labor and communist workers. Pictures became more earnest and sincere; they acquired more humor and romanticism.

“We are happy to have this opportunity to demonstrate to our Moscow residents who are always tired and are always in a hurry as well as to visitors from other places this collection of photographs that have been selected by our center curators during four years from the archives of most popular photographers of that epoch, - says Natalya Grigoryeva, director of the Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography. – The sixties were a period of hopes and a universal feeling of freedom, to both, club and report photography was going through unprecedented flourishing. It was a time of free creativity and innovation. Therefore, we are sure that this unique retro-project available to every passenger of the Moscow metro will be interesting to both, those who lived during those days as well as to those who know about that epoch from family albums and old movies. When we were working on this project we selected only landmark pictures defining the author’s style, artistic handwriting of each photographer, unique emblems of that time”.

“We are trying to stick to our principles and please metro passengers with various social projects as often as possible, - says Albert Teplitsky, deputy CEO of OOO “Olimp” for commercial activity. – This time we want to present a unique project which will not leave anyone indifferent. Flashing, multiform, deep photographic works will not only let you recall history, think about life and philosophize, but will also give an opportunity to enjoy the high art of photography. People not always have a possibility to visit a photo exhibition, now they can compensate for this gap on their way to work – the masterpieces have come down to the metro for them”.

Passengers will encounter the photo masterpieces inside station halls, on roller light boards – these can be examined in detail and with due attention thanks to their illumination. Pictures placed on escalator boards will also receive due attention and will be able to bring their ideas and concept to a huge number of passengers. And, finally, inside train cars any passenger will be able to scrutinize photographic works in every detail. Besides, due to the “floating” positioning mode posters in the metro will migrate from one station to another and metro passengers will be able to see the whole collection of works selected for this project.



A new route map will be put into new metro carriages
“Olimp” starts to place Moscow metro route maps on carriage windows

Starting from July 2022 “Olimp” starts placing Moscow metro route maps at the spots passengers have not yet got accustomed to – on carriage windows. This innovation will be implemented in new type of metro carriages only (“Rusich”). Such maps will be positioned at all lines where the new metro trains run. Such a map represents a semi-transparent plastic sticker, all familiar colors and map dimensions have been preserved. The plan is to place six route maps in each carriage – twice as much as the old-design carriages have.

“The idea of such metro route schemes positioning appeared together with the introduction of the new metro trains and is now being adopted and extended, - says Albert Teplitsky, Deputy Commercial CEO of «Olimp» LLC. - Keeping in mind the fact that “Rusich” carriages practically lack surfaces where usual route maps could be placed, and most of the passengers dislike the format of the existing route maps, Olimp’s initiative to carry them over to car windows will make it considerably easier for the passengers to find their way in the Metro even during rush hours .”

Apart from passenger convenience the new route maps will be interesting to advertisers as well. The latter ones will get a unique opportunity to place their advertising on an absolutely new carrier inside the car constantly located within the passengers’ eyeshot. The recency and location convenience effect will also grow due to the route map itself which is an information source for Metro users. According to the studies carried out by TNS Gallup Media the level of attention to advertising placed on route maps amounts to about 85%. Another important fact is that advertisements on the new route maps are not rigidly attached to the image of metro lines and as a matter of fact are independent advertising stickers.

«The Metro administration gave a positive evaluation of our initiative concerning the positioning of advertising on metro train windows, - continues Albert Teplitsky. – Metro is actively developed, improved and upgraded. The Metro is striving for high quality of passenger services and we are also trying to be up-to-date while offering ingenious and unconventional solutions, useful to passengers, and as to advertisers, we offer them new efficient advertising spaces that will be able to contribute even more to the promotion of various goods and services ».

Stickers with the metro route map are made using the method of offset printing on transparent film. Inside tunnels the image turns bright and is easily read while at metro stations one can see everything through the stickers. The module containing commercial messages is printed independently from the route map on a non-transparent film and may have either a single- or a double-faced image. The module dimensions are 1945 cm – this format is universal and can contain both, image advertising and text messages. Besides, advertising on route maps will be the first one positioned on Butovskaya line that will attract additional passengers’ attention to it.



“Olimp” presents the winner of the “Creative Work of the Year” contest

“Olimp” has summed up the results of the second annual contest for the best advertisement positioned in the Moscow metro, “Creative Work of the Year”. According to the results of open voting on the corporate website of “Olimp” the first position was taken by an advertising poster from “Antenna” magazine. The second position was won by a poster with “a cow at the price of vegetables” from Torro Grill and the third place was taken by TeraFlu that helps the immune system.

1 place2 place3 place
Creative work:
AA «PROSTO Media»;
AA «Avangard Design Media»;
 Creative work:
AA «Almacor Media Buying»;
Creative work:
AA «Saatchi & Saatchi»;
AA «Almacor Media Buying»;

The visitors of olimp-m.ru website had a chance to rate 12 works, which became winners in the «Creative Work of the Month» nomination throughout the year. In the final contest called «Creative Work of the Year» 26% of the votes were given to the first-place-winning poster, 16% of the votes were received by the second place winner and 15% of the votes were given to the third-place winner. Western Union with its advertising of money transfers is a little bit behind the winning three with its 13% of the votes and the 4th place. Anyone could become a member of the strict jury defining the winners, but basing on the specifics of “Olimp” activity and the line of its corporate website content we may assume that the most part of the voting audience was comprised of advertising community representatives and underground passengers.

«As we have promised we still continue with our initiative and we put out the most interesting works positioned in the Moscow metro to the vote of the website audience for the second time, - says Albert Teplitsky, Deputy CEO for Commercial Activity of “Olimp”. – It’s worth noting that the voting was very active, about one thousand people took part in it. Let me thank you all for that input! We hope that next year the popularity of our contest will grow and competition among nominees will be even more tough».



“Olimp” will install 216 digital screens for Moscow Metro anniversary
anniversary (in the framework of the DSN project (Digital-Signage-Network))

The company announces and launches the second stage of the DSN project (Digital-Signage-Network) which has become a technological breakthrough among advertising media of Moscow Metro. In the framework of this project since January 2022 a number of digital screens has been increased till 50 units. By the 75-th Moscow Metro anniversary, “Olimp” will have installed 216 screens at 100 stations.

The DSN project started in 2008. An experimental fragment of the network was placed in the metro and consisted of 12 large-format screens of 50 inches. Thus, two worlds of marble and architecture and of high digital technologies were united. The first “pilot” stage of the project was completed in 2009. Thanks to it, bottlenecks of the new medium were revealed and today after final adjustment of the general technological and organizational problems of the DSN “Olimp” is installing renewed and improved medium on a broad scale.

New 52-inches digital screens represent a symbiosis of a computer and an HD LCD monitor placed in a single slim case. New screens were constructed and made on special “Olimp” order with due regard for all peculiarities of the metro: vibration, dust, technological limitations and so on. Today these hi-tech media are being installed at emergency call columns that appeared in the metro a year ago. Improved digital screens will replace all previous samples that have been installed on the station walls and in the passages before.

For the first time advertisers in the Moscow Metro can take advantages of the new medium which has not existed before. The main difference of such screens is their integration into a common network that gives a unique opportunity of on-line content control (for example, even during a month-long advertising campaign the audience may receive several advertising messages). These media also allow numerous format solutions: roller titles, video posters, video clips, screen zoning, etc.

“We continue to develop and improve our advertising media regardless of existing situation at the advertising market as we consider that future will belong to new modern advertising media. And as for digital screens they will make a hit for sure”, says Chief Commercial Officer Albert Teplitsky. “These modern and high-tech media possess a range of advantages: brightness, dynamics, simplicity of perception, extravagance and novelty, and also successful positioning – in the centre of platforms. Many advertisers are interested in theses media; commercial information of some companies was already advertised there in the framework of the “pilot” project. By this day we have slightly changed the system of sales of this medium and with the screens number increase we expect the burst of interest among our advertisers.”

A special attention was given to the new media security: the DSN screens are connected between each other by the optical fiber network without Internet access, which makes impossible any illegal system penetration. The network operation and content demonstration is made 20 hours a day from 5 o’clock in the morning till 1 o’clock at night every day from the united centre in State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Metropolitan”

Besides commercial information, on-line messages of the Moscow Metro, Ministry of Emergency Situations, and informative-entertaining information are also broadcast on the digital screens.



A compilation about metro advertisement has been published

“Olimp” and “Advertisement. Outdoor Media” magazine have jointly published a unique edition describing all peculiarities of metro advertising in detail, a collection of articles called “Advertisement Underground”.

Advertisement Underground is primarily focused on advertisers and most completely illustrates the capabilities and facilities of the metro as a media channel. The compilation is a sort of an instruction for advertising budgets optimization: the edition contains information on effectiveness of underground advertising campaigns, on the metro audience; all existing metro advertising carriers are described and data about their efficiency is given.

Moreover, the compilation contains interesting surveys of world experience in the field of metro advertising campaigns organization, comprehensive data about all Russian metro lines is compiled, as well as many other useful and needful information for advertising experts.

You may leave your request to “Olimp” managers for your free copy of Advertisement Underground compilation by telephone (495) 783-94-94.


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